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This was page was created in the midst of COVID, as a way for businesses to easily locate the latest information about the funding resources and other information needed to make business decisions.  All information is maintained current to the best of our ability, but should not be a replacement for professional advice or counsel.  This page is exclusively for business information, not public health or advice.  This information is provided by Ellsworth County Economic Development.

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Thursday, August 13, 2020


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Do you need capital to cover the cost of retaining employees?

Do you need a small infusion of cash to get you through right now?

Do you need to ease your fears about keeping up with payments on your current or potential SBA loan? 

Do you need information about the paid Family Medical Leave Act?

Do you need information about unemployment or shared work?

Do you need information about your personal direct impact payment?

Do you need information about housing or utility shut offs?

Would you like a summary of all resources available?

Looking for information on local business operations?


NOW is a good time to use technology or fresh creativity to preserve your income streams, solve problems, and remain relevant during the pandemic.  We'd like to share a success story and encourage you to reach out to us for other ideas or assistance.  You don't have to do this alone.  

Gene's Heartland Foods is discouraging shoppers from coming into their store for safety of the community and their workers.  However, the volume of calls coming in to the store was laborious, inefficient, and was creating additional stresses on the staff.  

Thus, Gene's Click List was created in partnership with Ellsworth County Economic Development.  We are able to provide these services thanks to our members, who pay annual dues for special projects.  Please take a moment to view our current members and thank them for their support as we are able to mobilize resources during this time. 

ellsworth county featured in kansas leadership center publication


We are sharing this story as a way to highlight the services and innovation provided by Ellsworth County Economic Development.  There are others in the community innovating themselves and doing great adaptive work!  Let's take a moment to thank all of our local businesses!



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