Ellsworth County Economic Development believes small business is the heart of a community.  During this pandemic, we know the struggle that some businesses are facing, unable to open their doors and have a steady income stream.  We also know that our community believes in small business and wants to support them.  By donating, your dollars will be allocated to the small business community by Ellsworth County Economic Development.  Businesses will be encouraged to apply for assistance, and raised funds will be equally divided and given to those businesses.  Your dollars to support local are important, and we know you want to see our businesses succeed, because we are ELLSWORTH STRONG.

ellsworth strong crowdfunding

If you are a registered business in Ellsworth County that would like to benefit from receiving crowdfunding donations, please register here.  Donations will be distributed upon competion of the compaign.

  2020 by Stacie Schmidt in Response To COVID-19