There are heroes among us.  They are preparing for the front lines.  They are subjecting themselves to risk on behalf of their communities, and they continue to work daily through adversity and changing conditions.  There are many.  Who are they?  And how can we show them our appreciation?  The idea is simple.  We are collecting donations towards the purchase of gift cards to our local restaurants to Feed Our Hungry Heroes.  And we are collecting your nominations to honor those heroes.  We'll do the rest.

how to

Your donation will be utilized to purchase gift cards for local restaurants, then matched with nominations for our local heroes.  Donations in any amount beginning at $25.00 are accepted.

Your nomination can be an individual, an organization, a group, a business, or a department of a business.  Nominations will be provided gift cards/meals to show our appreciation for their services.

If you are having difficulty with the nomination button above, you can phone in your nomination by calling:

Carol Kratzer 785-810-8440

Jessica Kootz 785-531-0069

Stacie Schmidt 785-810-8303

June 12, 2020

Daycare Providers Part III


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